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by Durango

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riivaa It's kinda creepy. and I'm not sure I understand it. that's why I love it.
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In the beginning there was a Wizard. In the middle there is a Wizard. And at the end there will be a Wizard. He is the only constant. (ALL)We believe in the Wizard. He has a place for us all. He will accept us at his side. An offering to the Wizard Is a step toward eternal life. (ALL)We long to be at his side. He is worthy of your praise and worship. All who surrender their lives will be rewarded. He will bless you with his Magic. And you will be cleansed. (ALL)We’ll die for the Wizard.
That guys from out of town. He might be on the run. He's got the look of trouble. He's got the look of fun. He's got a following, And they wear weird robes, And they all worship him. But he wears nice clothes. He’s not the buffest guy, He’s pretty cute tho. He’s got that messy hair. I bet he does it though. He’s got a skateboard, And he does rad tricks. Hey Mr Wizard Man Show me a kickflip. He's coming over here. He's got is dark eyes set on you. What are you gonna do? He's on the dance floor. I think he might bust a move. I might bust one too. I hear he's sensitive, He really hears you. He's got those kind eyes The kind you can fall into. He's got a black belt. I heard he knows jiu jitsu. Oh come protect me. I'll make it up to you. I hear he's in a band. That he does badass licks. Oh play your notes for me. I think I've earned it. I hear he’s mad smart. That he knows calculus. What’s the square root of love? Nevermind I think I found it. I'm goin' over there. I think that he might be the one. I can't tell. He's got a spell on me. I think that I might be transfixed. Oh well. I heard he'll exorcise our demons and he's a pretty good dancer. I heard he knows the magic spells that can cure you of your cancer. I heard he slithers out of his mortal affliction By the light of the moon and becomes an apparition. And he floats through the graveyard raising the dead To bring them to his parties that he's throwing every weekend. And he knows all the offerings to save us from hell And he'll teach them to us if we prove we're worthy as well As understand the reason that humanity can't thrive Is some obsolete requirement to keep people alive. And as soon as we get over it society will elevate And if we step aside then all wizard-kind can innovate. I heard his magic powers came from worshipping the darkness. And he can lead us all from here and can free us from our sadness. And if we stay virgins we’ll have powers like him, But we’ll have to sacrifice ourselves to the powers of his sin. ooooohhhhhhhhhh yeaaahhh! He's got a sports car.
We were born into apathy. Where’s reason gone? You got me. Kid-fuckers feeding the entropy, Worry free. How would you like to be your own man? How would you like to take your own stand? It’s not about the worship It’s all about control. Random chance feeds the anarchy. Where's order gone? You got me The masses wandering aimlessly, Busy feet. How would you like to be your own man? How would you like to choose your own hand? It's not about the chaos It's all about control He's gonna save us. You have to join us. He'll come before us, Guaranteed. We'll see his tower. Call forth his power. With a bit of sparkle and contrition.
In my dream the world was drowning. Ants were pouring from their tunnels. As they flailed their arms to stay afloat They pushed each other further under. In my dream there was no hope The last had died before the flood. Living was a side-effect Of holding in this...blood. In my dream the world was crying. She had finally given in. Pouring out the last of her emotions Washed away the people’s sins. In my dream we were abandoned. Your "God" hung us out to dry. For a being that sees everything He must be napping in the sky. In my dream the world was ravaged, There was fire in the air The gold illuminated everything Making up for the despair. In my dream we had no future. Our past had weighed is down. The time we wasted in this rubble Brought us crashing to the ground. In my dream our eyes were blackened Absorbing all the light. When all that's left was darkness We had never-ending sight. In my dream our hands were joined. The faith had linked us all as one. The Wizard came and blessed us With the power of the Sun.
There's something in your eyes, The fear I've seen before. Your old life will be over soon. You won't worry anymore. There's filth inside your soul. Well wash away the darkness. The cleansing in our ritual Will ease you of your sadness. And when I push you under, Just take it in stride. And when I lift your head up You'll be one of us for life. And we're all drowning to meet you. Struggling is nothing But sin leaving your flesh. We can teach you everything. You'll conquer even death. And when you're born again, You'll be a better vessel. And when you let wizard in You'll reach another level. And when I lift your head up, I'll hold it up for life. And when I pull you out of the rapids, The others will arrive And they're all drowning to meet you.
Do you think you could fly A plane of your own design? What makes you think you could try? There's something I have to show you. There's something he has to show you. It's something you need. It's something we all need A supernatural kick, A little magic trick. He gives us power to make our own lives. We'll save our own lives. So give your best try To shape your own lives, And fall into the wind, Into the waves, Into the fire. And he'll be there Reaching out to you, Making room for you, All you have to do Is give up. All you ever had Never looking back Everyone you knew They've abandoned you It's all right We know what you're going through. We're right here for you. We've gone through it too. We'll let go with you. We're all in. Do you think you could die? I'm counting down the time. It's time to do more than try, It's something that we want for you. It's something that he wants for you. And something you need. It's something we all need. It's time to have some control By finally letting go. He gives us power to make our own lives. We'll shape our own lives. So give your best try To take your own lives. And go Into the l wind, Into the waves, Into the fire. So it begins, Take all you need, All that you can, All you desire. All you have to do, All you ever knew, All that you've been through Starting back at you. You're free. Listen close to me, It's almost time to leave Everything you see, Embrace finality. It's done. Take it all, take it all, take it all, I know it's healing. Let it out, let it out, let it out, I know you're grieving. Keep it up, keep it up, keep it up, I know you're breathing. Had enough, had enough, had enough, I guess I'm leaving.
Should I follow you? Would it really make a difference? You made your choice to leave. Should I respect your ignorance? You made me the last to know. I guess my place in your mind shows. Sneaking out to find the answers, I guess I never had your answer. We used to be so close, But I guess this is how it goes. You sneak around and then you ghost. I hope the future fucks you both. You make this about you, Of course, that’s how you operate. This overwhelming apathy, A feeling that I can’t escape. Then I finally find a guy With a promise of a life. He opens up a place inside That I always thought had died. There’s a chance it won’t end well, I know you think that I can’t tell, But a little happiness is worth Another lifetime spent in hell. They’ll destroy you now. I guess that’s your decision. Your wizard boy controls you now. You’ll live at his discretion. You think that I don’t understand, But he leads you by the hand With his promise of a magic man. Do you really think he gives a damn? He’s bound to let you die. You’re a sucker for a lie. He’s gonna feed off of that place inside. I guess I’ll have to save your life tonight.
Once you surrender to the call of the siren Her song becomes your mantra. Consciousness is second to your idol's resolution. You swim only in her presence. Bathing in her choral diatribe brings Melody as buoyancy, Trickery for cause. When the waves become a torrent, Water pours into your lungs (as you open up your throat). And you welcome her enduring touch As talons peel your flesh. Skinning a rat B: Look at me in the fucking face. When you try to tell me my life is a lie. Do me a favor and slice my abdomen If you think you see inside. What makes you think you understand This magic world we’ve been given. Don’t try to pull me into This pit of despair you live in. A: At least my mind is my own. At least my body’s my own. I won’t fall for your lies. Now they're all gonna die. Preying on the weak. You think that makes you stronger? You can’t do this any longer. These are people’s lives at stake, This “magic” that you offer. I won’t let this go further! Like skinning a rat. String up his feet. Like skinning a rat. Snip off his whiskers. B: You make me the monster. I guess it’s easier that way. You shit on my beliefs, What we all believe. You can’t take that away, I’m really trying to see How you can make it out alive here. Cause we’re all falling down, you’re falling down. It’s what he wants. It’s all becoming clear. A: Take every one of them you want. Just leave the one I came here for. It’s too late for them, That’s not my problem. I made a promise to a friend. B: They don’t follow you. I gave them what they need. Now everyone can see He’ll take it all from you. He’ll only spread these lies. He can’t make it alive. Like skinning a rat, Pluck out the eyes. Like skinning a rat, His vessel’s forfeit.
We never had it right. We must've tried a thousand times. Now I can't look you in the eyes Without a stabbing pain inside. This wasn't how it ends. I didn't want these dead friends. And as the burning pain subsides, I know that this is how I die. With nothing left tonight. It never works out quite right. And we can hope that we'll go on, But all we had to give is gone. We gave it all tonight. We swallowed every drop right. And as it melts away our lives, This regret, it will subside. You should’ve run away. You had no right to save me. I had a chance to make a change. It’s something I’ve been craving. We gave up everything. We know we’re not worth saving. With no fight to stay alive, Why can’t you let me have a reason to die? There's nothing left tonight. I guess there's one thing left, right? There's a burning in my throat and I Never planned to make it out alive. I gave it all tonight. I guess this is fulfilled, right? I'm going on into the great beyond With nothing weighing on my mind. And do you wonder what it's like If you stop keeping up this lie? We both know we're gonna die And I know, it's a waste of breath to try. And with your voice suddenly clear Your last words they pierced my ear. "I don't think I should have died. I'm fairly certain there's no afterlife."
And when they slice open our bodies I hope they find what makes us crazy. And when I’m dissected, They’ll find why I was defective, And got us wrapped up in this. And when they peel away my skin, I hope they’ll find a better person Than I could be When I was alive, When you depended on me. And when they split open your skull, I’m sure they’ll find a mind Of a different kind. With better thoughts than mine. Remember when we were 12 We dodged the traffic? If you ever fell, I said I’d stop it? But when it happened I was too scared. You said it was fine, But I knew you knew I’d never be there. And I'm ashamed To say I'm just the same. Cause I'm immune to change. So now we’re here And fading out. What was this all about? Some stupid meaning That wasn’t meaning. It was just fleeting Ritual bleeding. And now they’re feeding. I have this feeling That they’ll be fleeing. And do the same damn thing, Spreading like a cancer, To the same damn kids Looking for an answer. (like beginning) And now there’s nothing we can do But give up. And hope that we lived enough. I hope I lived enough. I guess we tried, They’ll try to lie. We didn’t try, We took the easy way and died. Let's take the easy way and die. And now we’re done. Our friends will move on, There’s just one problem. We didn’t stop this fucking wizard.


CHUG is a concept album about falling for something new, relationships with new and old friends and destroying the only good thing in your life with your wizard obsession.


released March 19, 2021

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Durango.


all rights reserved



Durango St Louis, Missouri

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