Technological Advances

by Durango

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released September 26, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Gabe Usery
Encapsulated Studios
2607 Bellevue Ave.
Maplewood, MO 63143

All music written and performed by Durango.

Album Artwork and Design by
Bryan Ratkowski

Durango is
Matt Ratkowski
Brian Reller


all rights reserved



Durango St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Technological Advances

A chairwoman is in front of a table surrounded by 5 men in

We cannot possibly give any more
time and money to contribute to
this man's...bastardization of
science. It's just absurd on all

So what are you suggesting?

I'm suggesting we cut all the
funding to this lunatic's research
and continue to develop radiation
tablets for the

Hold on we aren't even positive
that it's going to effect us.

All signs point to a sun flare
within the next ten years that will
send enough radiation to the Earth
to poison half of our inhabitants
and destroy the rest.† Developing a
radiation supplement now can save
at least half of mankind.

Enter scientist tripping over briefcase.

Sorry I'm late, I was working late
on the project.

What project, we've given you a
gracious budget to develop your
solution to our impending doom, and
all you have to show for it is a
handful of meaningless research and
a complete disregard for alarm
clocks and this whole committee.

But I've made a breakthrough, I'm
only late because I was perfecting
a device that will take over our
search, a device that will save
countless human lives and discover
hospitable locations across the

The Galaxy! Sir you were given
funding to create hospitable
locations across the globe, not
find them around the galaxy!

Yes, I know, but I've created what
could be key to solving all of our
problems, the shortage of fossil
fuels, overpopulation, our toll on
the Earth, as well as radiation.

I think this is enough to prove my
point. This man should be committed
rather than given any more of our
time or resources.

Let him speak, we've already given
him plenty of funding and
resources, we should at least see
where that's gotten us.

Thank you sir, I appreciate your
faith in me.

I have no faith in you! I told this
committee to kick you to the curb
at the beginning, I just want them
to see all the funding we've††

Quiet! We gave him the floor, now
let him explain.

Well essentially what I've created
is a person on all counts.

Ha! My wife made six, why don't you
get to the point.

The point is, he's a sentient being
that can float through the galaxy
for hundreds of years.

So you've made a robot that thinks
like a person.


So it seems strides have been made.

Strides? We commissioned him to
create safe havens around the
world, not...dick around in space!

She has a point he's completely
ignored what he was given funding

In order to save the planet!

Digging through briefcase.
I'll have him up and running
tonight, and you can see this
miracle of science!

Well show us something now!

(Still digging through
I'm trying it just seems
I've...left my notes at home...

Sir the only miracle here is the
fact that you can even put on your
shoes in the morning.

GUY 1-5

It's decided then, we'll cut
funding from this failure and
redisperse it amongst the radiation
division of our research group? †

But we could save the whole planet!

It's too late for that. I believe
we're done here...(looks around the
room. No one moves) Good day
doctor, better hope you're in the
lucky half...
Track Name: The Experiment
How can you do this to me?
One more day and I'd be ready.
The countless nights spent all for nothing.

You have no patience
That I can see will be your downfall.
Your bad call will end our society.

And when it breaks,
Don't come crying to me,
This botched opportunity
For as long as I should

Be breathing,
He'll be leaving tonight
I'm right
You'll never make

It out alive.
You'll go down with the sunlight.
Your only chance
Is leaving.

As soon as I hit this switch,
We'll see
This test of faith you never had in me.

We know what we know.
We have what we have.
We know we have nothing.

I know what we know.
I know what we have.
I know we are nothing.
Track Name: Born Into Light Years
Something cold,
Something piercing in my brain.
Something feels so new,
(I) Struggle to convince myself I'm sane.

Something striking,
The thoughts they develop so slowly.
Something powers up inside me.
Breeding some new sort of lonely

I wonder, can I faulter from this program that controls me.
Concious of the fact that my existence is unholy.
Emotion takes control but I know where it's conscience lives.
Can you actually feel anything when you know where its process is?

Can I keep my course?
It's laid out in this programming.
Something in my brain is spamming
signals to my body.

Latching on to existence
The knowlege comes at once.
The history of everything
Colliding in my thoughts.

This job requested of me
Save the human race,
I can see the past of everyone
I've never seen A face.

But I'll try I'll try
To accomplish what you ask
I have no reason not to
While alone, deprived and floating weightless...
Track Name: Homefront
As most of you are now aware, the world is in a state of emergency.
The Earth's top scientists are in agreement, that there will soon be
an influx of radiation from the sun, with the potential to wipe out most
life as we know it.

After years of preventative measures and experimentation, it is agreed that
our only remaining course of action is radiation tablets from Rx Enterprises.

They are available today at your local drug stores and post offices. They
will be supplied, free of charge, in rations to everyone across the globe.

This is the time for us to stick together. We must help one another survive!
Track Name: A Will To Give Up
(cont.) We are our only hope!

This place is getting old
This lack of place begins to take its toll.

I'm getting overtired.
Sick of the introspection the black inspires.

I didn't ask for this.
You made me your messiah without consent.

Sent me into space.
Why should I even bother to save your race.

You don't know what it's like.
This unrelenting nothing that is my life.

It's no way to live.
If I even live.

I wonder what it's like
Where I was made. Would I enjoy my life?

Would I have a name?
Or would I be a tool? Would it be the same?

Would I have a home?
Could I be not alone?

Would you make it all right?
Would I still want to die alone at night?

Is this some kind of home?
Is this some kind of home?
Could I be not alone?

Why should I find your home?

Is something up ahead?
Seems somethings up ahead.
Track Name: A Hero's Welcome
Take a bow.
Everything worked out.
What will I say when they ask me how
I planned to save the human race?

I guess it just started out one day
I awoke to find myself in space
A plea for help inside my head.

So, I listened to a dying world just
Crying out to find a place to go.

And I decided
Decided to help
Might as well, I wasn't doing nothing else
So I guess I'll save your lives.

Bring it back
I'm coming back to find
Some sort of glory by mankind,
To thank me for a job well done.

Well it seems I'll make it just in time
before your world begins to fall behind
on saving your ass from the sun.

So, I'll burn up my expansive power to
make it back before you're over done.

No need to fear,
I'll make it back to Earth.
For what it's worth,
I didn't do it for the praise but I deserve it today.

Something's wrong.
Where's my welcome song
Or one fucking person
Who knows what's going on?
Cause something's going on.

It's so quiet.
I don't buy it.
Where's the riot?
Someone should be thanking me,
Or at least moving.

So, I listened to a dying world
That's silent now when something should be heard.

But there's not one person that's moving.
Unexpected silence is proving
I'm much more alone than I thought.
Track Name: Is Anyone Here Not Dead
A hero's welcome.
The people in the streets,
Their cheers are deafening.

Without a sound,
Just lie there on the ground
It's not what I was expecting.

Something's amiss,
Their bodies lay lifeless.
Was all of this fruitless?

I was sent away
To save the human's fate.
It seems that I was too late.

Everything's quiet.
Seems there's no survivors.
Is anyone here not dead?

Where is this factory
That keeps on haunting me?
Or was it all in my head?

Did I dream up this doctor,
Who put me under,
Firing me into space?

Did I dream up the love of a father,
A reason to bother
Not ending my waste of space?

The hero discovers the factory as well as the doctor's journal that says:

You reaped what you sowed.
Their bodies pile up on the floor.
I hope that will make your dying wish.

So run while you can.
This plague it spreads across the land.
I hope that was your intention.
I hope that will make you understand

That I had a plan.
I could have saved this worthless land.
I hope that will eat your conscience dry.

So, while I die I write in this notebook,
Cause I know one day you'll return.
You'll wonder what happened.
Impatience happened,
Now the whole human race will burn.

We did it to ourselves,
The sun it never fell
And now it's too late to learn.

You must have found a place
Floating out in space.
You did it my son
And should have never returned.
Track Name: Programmed For Failure
Faith that brought me back,
This false faith hid the fact that
you destroyed yourselves.
I shouldn't have come back.

To see the remnants of this
Real world, real repulsive.
Not what I believed,
But you created me.

I wandered all these years.
wanted something real.
You promised something here.

But, I realized that you could not have tried
To save your own life
Cause then you may not be right.

I was your revenge.
Your last "fuck you" to them.
At least I'm not a person.

You must have made me wrong.
You must have made me wrong.
I shouldn't long for someone.

You must have made me wrong.
You should have made me strong.
I have no will to go on.

But I Won't destroy myself.
I know there's something else.
You programmed me yourself.

And I won't be your machine.
Fighting how you've programmed me,
I Won't follow in your apathy.
I won't let you destroy me.
Track Name: The Decision
I dreamed of a place once.
I would be welcomed back to.
I was a father's son and
He was alive, the world too.

I never knew anyone,
But I could imagine everyone
Full of laughter. It seems
They only exist in my dreams.

You sent me away from this from this sun.
To find an escape from this fading one.
Your passive attempts to keep trying
Just left your whole planet dying.

I was programmed to stop the worst
You were programmed to
Destroy it first.
And now I've returned how I traveled
Alone, metal, lifeless and battered.

I dreamed of a place once,
A dream that your world couldn't satisfy.
A dream that has flitted away
and left me cold and empty inside.

I never knew happiness.
But, I never felt this loneliness.
I had you all on my team
That got torn away in a dream.

I knew this place once
Not quite so far.
I knew this place
There's an echo.
Track Name: Wasted Power
I can't help but notice
How their bodies formed in piles,
As if some were left here
Clinging for a while.

Their decomposing faces
had just one expression left to tell,
But their partners cried and waited to die
Clinging to a lifeless shell.

When my system crashes
And my circuits have run dry
Leave my lifeless metal
To rust alone from the inside.

If there's someone to find me
I want it to be fully known
You can recycle these miscellaneous things.
I won't use them anymore.

I am not a body.
I am not even alive.
I am not important.
I am just a battery waiting to die.

Maybe you're just a waste of power.
Maybe I'm just a waste of power.

Maybe you're just a waste of power.
Maybe I'm just a waste of power.

Maybe you're just a waste of power.
Maybe I'm just a waste of power.

Maybe you're just a waste of power.
Maybe I'm just a waste of power.
Maybe we're all just a waste of power.
I don't want to be a waste of power.

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